17 November, 2014

the bad and the ugly

So last week was pretty unproductive. No excuses... chalk it up to plain laziness. The one day I did find myself trying to be productive ended with water in my face when I hit a radiator hose while attempting to hang a photo. Yes, it happens just the way you see it in comedy sketches -- water from a wall spitting straight into my face lol. The problem is fixed now but I still have a gaping hole in the wall until I can get someone to patch it.

Top this off with catching a cold and you have a perfect excuse to spend  Monday wrapped in a blanket enjoying a Hot Toddy... or two. Bulleit is best!

Happy Monday folks! See you tomorrow.

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06 November, 2014

meet monty the penguin

Now that Halloween has passed, the Christmas adverts are slowly but surely infiltrating the TV. Last year I fell in love with the advert The Bear & The Hare by retailer John Lewis. This year they've got me all sentimental again with Monty The Penguin. Watch below and feel your heart grow three sizes!

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