15 December, 2014

christmas, right on schedule


Ten days until Christmas! Holy macaroni! This year has really flown by. Today was misty, cloudy, and just the right amount of chilly. The only thing missing was big fluffy snowflakes [I would really like some fluffy snow this year].

I went to town with one mission this afternoon -- to mail Christmas cards. I've been really good at planning this year and haven't had to stress much about things needing to be done. Most of my presents are wrapped and I'm all prepared for making festive treats. Last year I completely forgot to mail the Christmas cards! So, long story short...I'm doing awesome!

How are you guys fairing with everything leading up to Christmas?
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12 December, 2014

foodie friday⎢10

I have always been confused by Panettone. Every Christmas, it always finds it's way into my house and I'm never sure if it's a gift or a prank. This year, I'm going out to buy my own and here's why:

Jamie Oliver has become one of my favorite people. Not only does he answer my tweets but he also has allowed me to cook some pretty decent delicious meals these past few months -- thanks to his cook books and TV shows like Jamie's Comfort Food.

A few nights ago on Jamie's Cracking Christmas, Mr. Oliver finally gave me the answer of the my yearly question, "What the heck do I do with this Panettone?!"

Here it is! Jamie Oliver's Bonkers Bread & Butter Panettone Pudding Tart


Now I haven't made it yet but it is definitely on my "To-Do" list. The recipe is super easy. Click on the link and start baking! Let me know how it turns out and if you have any extra Panettone, be sure to send it my way!

I'm off to finish up my Christmas shopping. Have a great weekend everyone!

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