10 April, 2014

spending time with the birthday boy!

Today is Lincoln's birthday. I cannot believe he's 2 years old! This morning I took advantage of my day off and we went on a nice long walk! Right now he's snoozing in the sun enjoying the great day we're having. I am on my way to town to buy some treats and a new toy that will most likely be destroyed right after Linc gets his little paws on it -- that's all a part of the fun though right?!

Here are some of products on our wish list:
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1. These organic pumpkin treats from Mungo & Maud are some of Linc's favorites. I picked them up one day while out to lunch and they didn't last very long! I plan on buying some more next week. 2. This little lobster from Bowwow London is awesome! It floats in water and would definitely make Link's weekly baths [he has skin allergies] a bit more fun. 3. Link loves his ears rubbed and with his allergy flair ups, his ears sometimes acquire extra buildup. These ear wipes by happytails are gentle and help remove residue and odors. 4. Sometimes I think Linc should be in the Dog Shaming book. 5. This knitted bear is the cutest dog toy. Why wouldn't we want one?! 6. Linc likes chewy bones and this peanut butter flavored one is sure to be a hit.

Have a lovely day guys! It's almost the weekend!


09 April, 2014

my blooming garden

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My flat isn't the only thing that needs work. During my week at home, I plan on weeding, seeding and mowing my back garden. This is the first green space I've had that I am actually allowed to work in, so I plan on filling it with flowers and edibles. The key is having a pretty garden that is functional and also doggie friendly as some plants can be harmful to dogs.

I definitely want an herb garden, some fruit or maybe avocado trees, wild flower mixes, lots of tulips and succulents. I want some things in pots, in window boxes and even baskets. The goal is plenty of color and loads of good smells. I've got my work cut out for me lol. Any suggestions on where to start would be awesome!


07 April, 2014

definitely. . .

my bedroom

my foyer

my sitting room
my work space [what needs the most work]

I moved into my new place in August. It's been nearly a year and other than making furnishing choices, I haven't really done any decorating. This week I'm spending time at home and while I will be doing some actual work work, I'm also planning on doing some things for the flat.

Whether it be ordering some fun stuff or picking out paint colors, something is happening! I need to start tackling the home projects because if I don't, I fear this house will forever remain bare and white.

I am definitely going to add some paint. The bedroom is in need of some better bed-side lighting and some art. The foyer needs a mirror or somewhere to hang keys. I honestly don't even know where to start when it comes to my work space…that one will definitely take a while!

Any website suggestions for decor, art or wallpaper would be much appreciated. I hope to be able to show you guys some progress in the next couple weeks.