31 July, 2014

diy: hot paprika

A couple posts back I had mentioned that I was going to start decorating the house from the outside to the inside. I started with the front door, which was originally black. We have a stucco-like finish to our house and while black looked nice...it just didn't feel right to me.

I decided to put Photoshop to work and play around with some colors to see which ones would look good with the house. There were a few colors I originally had in mind: Kelly green, Oxford blue, and a duck egg green. Well, none of those looked as good as I thought they would and just as I started to feel disappointed, the color red was suggested. I'm not a fan of red. It was agreed that if I settled on red, it would be an orangey-red. So, once I found a color I liked, I put it in Photoshop. Of course it looked fantastic and immediately became the color of choice [which is why I posted a similar color here].

Because the original color of my door was so dark, it was suggested I use a primer. The primer suggested with my top coat was pink.

My door is brand new so not much sanding needed to be done. I cleaned and taped the door, sanding lightly all over. I cleaned up all the dust and then I got to work painting!

I will say that when you're painting a door, ALWAYS go with the direction of the woodgrain. You don't want your brush strokes opposing the woodgrain. If you do, you'll know as it looks wrong right away. It's good to look your door over and take your time.

I also began painting from the center of the door outwards. It made it much easier to keep the brush strokes over the different woodgrains clean and under a bit more control. It took two coats of primer to cover my door thoroughly. I left the door open to dry most of the day just to be sure I'd be able to close and lock it over night. I began with the top coat the following morning.

I only went over the door once with the top coat. Although it only needed one coat, it took all day to dry thoroughly. Lucky for me, it doesn't get completely dark in England until about 10p.m. [gotta love summer]. So the front door hung open until it was time to go to bed.

I was super pleased with the final result. The turned out better than I expected. It's still a nice surprise to see such a bright warm door when approaching the house. 

I forgot to take the tape off the windows for my "after" shot. My windows don't have a green border so try and use your imagination lol. The final color of my door is by Dulux and is called "Hot Paprika". I picked up a one liter can from B&Q and it was more than enough. 

What do you guys think of my new door?

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29 July, 2014

for the bookworm

I love books. I try and read whenever I have a bit of spare time. Something I enjoy just as much as reading books is buying them. Even in the electronic age [I do have a Kindle], I still enjoy physically reading a book cover to cover and flipping its pages.

I usually purchase a few books at a time, sometimes even before I'm done reading the previous batch. So here is my reading roster... I need to take a very long vacation so I can get through these guys:

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
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#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
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Jane Austen Vintage Classics
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These Jane Austen books have had a little revamp. Now, I've read all of these before and even have copies in my collection, but that didn't stop me from buying these ones with covers designed by artist Leanne Shapton [grab them while you can on here].

Why It Does Not Have To Be In Focus by Jackie Higgins
photo via myself
Bright Bazaar by Will Taylor
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As you can see I have an eclectic group here. I enjoy reading all genres. I love the classics and I love finding inspiration in decor books. I also enjoy reading current bestsellers and texts about art. Each book teaches me something... that's the beauty of reading.

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28 July, 2014

smoke barbecue, sheffield

Well, I'm still in England! My visa appointment went swimmingly. I was granted indefinite leave to remain which means I can stay as long as I please!

My appointment started of very slow. I was worried I was doomed to sit in a waiting room most of the day but after I had my fingerprints taken, I was told I could leave the building. Awesome! So, I went in search of a good lunch.

I came across Smoke Barbecue, a little slice of Southern barbecue heaven! The restaurant is gorgeous all the tables are either repurposed pallet boards or table top wine barrels. Drinks are served in mason jars and while you wait for your grub, which ranges from brisket to turkey legs, you can snack on savory popcorn.

I ordered a full wrack of baby back ribs, crispy onion strings, homemade mac & cheese and fries [I was hungry okay!]. The photo speaks for itself. This American style barbecue comes with American sized portions! It was AMAZING!

I don't know about you guys... but I'm hungry now!