13 January, 2014

joining the morning commute

king's cross station [via]
I mentioned a little while ago that I had a job interview in London. Well, I was offered a position and I am off on the train today, with all the working commuters, to see if I have what it takes… not for the job but if I have what it takes to make this commute everyday.

Early hours and late nights make this girl grumpy! The only thing that could make me pass up this opportunity is the obvious lack of time I'll have at home to relax. No one wants to get up, commute to work, work, commute home and then go straight to bed. I haven't even brought up the ridiculous prices on train tickets for peak commuting times. Seriously England….you need to work on that. [I think discount passes for working commuters would be an awesome option.]

Obviously there are other options too…like finding a place to rent in London and living there during the week. This seems the most sensible but once again, money is a concern.

The real question I may just need to ask myself is, am I willing to volunteer for this job? What do you do when the majority of your paycheck just goes to getting you to work everyday?

Since moving to England, I haven't added much to the ol' resume. So I feel like I need to do this. For my sanity…not just to gain experience or add a few lines to a piece of paper. I want to work!

These are obviously things I will need to figure out. I may be M.I.A. for a few days. When I come back you'll have my answer. Have a great week guys! Wish me luck!



  1. I had to take the bus for nearly two hours a day for my previous job. By the time i got home I was tired, hungry and hated my life. It's a really hard decision

    1. Ah Dora! Thank you so much for being honest… I was hoping you would lie to me! ;)
      I just got home a little while ago, it's already quarter past 10…I'll let you know how I feel in the days to follow.