17 January, 2014

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Kinfolk Table
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Shrimp Seviche with Chili-Cumin Tortilla Chips
by Nathan & Katie Williams, founders of Kinfolk Magazine

Just reading the ingredient list to this dish sold me. I decided to make the seviche for lunch because of the light and fresh ingredients [shrimp, cucumber, lime juice etc.]. I figured it would be filling enough for the time of day, but not so filling I wouldn't be in the mood to cook something for dinner. I had to be a little creative with one ingredient because when it came to asking for serrano chiles at the market I got a look as if I had three heads. So, I opted for one of my favorites -- jalapeƱos. In the end it turned out amazing and the recipe made enough for leftovers. Instead of making more homemade tortilla chips I used left over tortillas to make seviche wraps in the following days. Amazing!

Homemade tortilla chips were put in the oven just long enough to make them warm and crispy.

The end result was great. The cool and spicy dish made for the perfect lunch… I ate two bowls.  ☺



  1. Looks so yummy! I have to try to make these

    1. It's super easy! Let me know how it turns out!